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3 Color Printing Tips to Help Your Business Thrive - Our Guide

Bringing your ideas to life through digital screen printing, direct-to-garment printing, and custom screen printing can help you propel your business forward, especially when you are thinking about branding, marketability, and customer retention. But you must ensure you can produce the best prints.

Color print’s high-quality yield should be your top priority. That’s because many printed color materials often fade, losing their luster over time. Here are some color printing best practices for your guidance to turn your ideas into reality through color printing:

1: Use high-quality paper

Not all paper is created the same. Some have lower quality than others, and these may cause color dullness or bleed through the paper. For instance, regular copier variety paper is known to be inferior in quality, so never use that for color documents. You should also avoid using bond paper with linen, ribbed, eggshell, or cotton fibers because it can affect the color print quality.

Printer paper comes in various types, so make sure to learn more about their differences by doing your research. If you still have trouble finding the right type of paper that works best for your color printing needs, consider reaching out to a reliable printer or copier provider.

 2: Be in the know about printing colored documents

Some marketing materials are best presented and viewed in their printed version. However, some look terrible because of the lousy color printing quality. Some of the worst documents to print in color are web pages, emails, PowerPoint presentations, vacation photos, recipes, and other personal print jobs. You can also expect to be disappointed in the quality when you print big color documents using a small printer. As such, invest in professional color printing services.

3: Pick the best color options

Color printing can be tricky because you are prone to wasting materials, money, and resources. While what you print is important, you have to remember that you should make every print matter.

Many people believe that an image in color commonly has an impressive quality. Others also think that color can assist them in expanding their reach and attracting new customers and make them appear more successful. Since it has many advantages for your business, you need to use color in the right context.

Before printing a color document or seeking custom screen printing with no minimums for your next customer, it’s best to learn more about color psychology. Here are some colors you can use for your brand and their meanings:


  • Pink: Pink represents femininity and evokes feelings of care, support, and love. This color is especially popular with women and younger children.


  • Purple: Use purple if your color printing involves materials denoting elegance, sophistication, luxury, royalty, nobility, and power. It is ideal when you want to make high-quality products, such as cosmetics or even chocolate.


  • Blue: Blue denotes trust, peace, loyalty, professionalism, reliability, trust, and honor. However, using it can be tricky since it also conveys coldness, stability, and depth.


  • Red: Red is a bold and powerful color that exudes love, anger, warmth, danger, speed, and excitement. It also attracts your target audience’s attention right away and urges them to act.


  • Yellow: Yellow is a bright color that grabs your audience’s attention immediately. It also communicates happiness, optimism, energy, comfort, and liveliness.



Printing your documents in vivid colors can help you amplify your marketing efforts and boost your sales. However, color printing comes in various qualities. To express your brand and your values, keep the best practices listed above in mind, and work only with a reliable company like us specializing in top-notch printing.

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