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3 Essential Tips to Achieve the Perfect T-Shirt Design

Consumers who love wearing shirts with various designs will prefer to purchase those of excellent quality because they know they’ll be wearing them a lot. However, the graphics and images on shirts don’t always have to be over the top for them to like the shirt they’re purchasing! You can still consider shirts with simple designs great—so long as they offer high-quality material and design from a reputable custom screen printing service.

When you rely on a professional shirt printing business, they should still guarantee that you get what you pay for. However, for it to work perfectly, you must provide the right requirements to get the results you want! Before you submit your final design, make sure everything is correct and in order.

Keep reading below to find out the things you need to focus on to achieve the best shirt design.


Determine the Proper Shirt Size 

While you can usually settle with standard shirt sizes, it should still depend on the material of the shirt and the kind of design you want to be printed on it. Certain factors can affect the final output, such as the shape of your chosen design. 

If you aren’t careful with the sizing, how you imagine the design may appear to be bigger or smaller when actually printed. When you incorporate precise shapes as part of the shirt design, then it might be best to make your design smaller during the digital screen printing process.

Another problem with opting for standard t-shirt sizes is it may not be applicable for everyone. While it may fit men and women effortlessly, it could be too big for children. You should also think about the type of garment you’re using, and whether it’s a round neck shirt, a polo shirt, or even a hoodie, as there will be limitations in the design for each case.


Consider the Design Placement 

The location of the design on the shirt is an essential part of the printing process because it involves carefully chosen measurements that will guarantee the success of the project. Despite having a pleasing design to showcase, if it has the wrong placement, your efforts will indeed be wasted.

When you create a design to be placed in the center of the shirt, whether it’s in front or on the back, you can select a standard placement that can work well on different garments. But if you have another shirt location in mind, then you will have to relay your ideas to the shirt company to guarantee that they can figure out a way to accommodate your request!

It’s crucial to provide the specifics to a business that offers direct-to-garment printing to let you know ahead of time if they can meet your needs. You can ask them for a sample output of your design bearing the custom placement to help you visualize if you made the right decision.


Submit High-Quality Images 

The quality of the image plays an integral role in designing shirts because when you submit a low-resolution design, you can expect to receive a poor quality outcome as well. But you shouldn’t worry if you make a mistake because the shirt company will ensure to inform you about it as soon as possible!

The ideal size of any image that will be printed on a shirt should be at least 200 dpi when viewed at full size. For best results, you should avoid submitting low-res images, especially if you want your customers to appreciate your design fully.



Achieving the perfect t-shirt design isn’t just about focusing on the design itself—it’s also taking into consideration other factors that make up the entire shirt. It includes the shirt size, the design placement, and the quality of the image. If you want to guarantee your shirt design is fully prepared for printing, you should reach out to a professional printing company to help you accomplish all the requirements leading up to the printing day.

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