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4 Benefits Direct-to-Garment Printing Has to Offer

While there are numerous methods to transfer prints into garments, most other solutions cannot reach the quality that direct-to-garment (DTG) printing can achieve. Newer than some techniques, DTG has become a favorite among printers, especially printing startups. It works by using a custom inkjet printer to print water-based inks directly onto a garment. The garment's fibers then absorb the ink, creating the image you’ve designed. Thanks to this technique, pretty much any design can be printed onto garments in this age!

If you’re still not convinced about its utility, then here are four of the biggest benefits that DTG has to offer:


  1. It’s Profitable

One of the most significant benefits DTG has to offer small businesses is its profitability. This is because DTG requires barely any set up at all and can carry out all sorts of printing jobs at the mere press of a button!

The printing process itself is also relatively quick, meaning that if you are interested in printing a small volume of garments, it can be done within the same day. On top of that, the average operating cost is much smaller than other printing techniques—allowing you to charge competitive prices to keep your business afloat.

In other words, its speed and affordability make it a fantastic investment for small printing businesses!


  1. It’s Easy to Use 

DTG is fantastic for the mere fact that it can pump out some of the most unique designs on garments without being annoying to operate. In fact, the steps from start to finish can be summed into four different steps: the pretreatment and curing of the garment, the loading and adjustment of the art, the printing, and then the heat press and curing. 

It will take a few tries and some practice to get them done right—but once you get the hang of it, they will become instinct quite quickly!


  1. It’s Small-Volume Friendly 

One problem with big businesses is that they only do large orders due to the printing process they are using. This makes such solutions great for large volume orders—but small orders will only lead to losses. 

With DTG, this is no longer a problem. Thanks to easy setups and affordable pricing, DTG is perfect for tiny or even one-off orders. Plus, they can also do larger volumes if need be, but DTG truly excels at small to medium orders!


  1. It Allows Working With Amazing Designs

From simple to complicated designs, DTG can do them all. They work almost exactly like inkjet printers, allowing them to spray specific colors at different areas to achieve different results. An added benefit to this is that the printing process happens much faster because the printer is able to print all types of colors at the same time. To top it off, its access to essentially the whole spectrum of colors means achieving designs with numerous different shades provide it no issue!



Direct-to-garment has been one of the best and most innovative advances in the print industry. Its versatility and affordability have allowed small businesses to offer high-quality printing services at an affordable price—keeping them afloat while still satisfying the needs of their customers and clients.

That being said, if you are interested in setting up DTG printers for your business, take the time to do your research. By knowing the process precisely and understanding what you need to make it happen, the printing process will become much simpler and even cheaper!

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