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4 Tips to Avoid Damaging Typo Errors on Custom Printed Shirts

In the digital design world, there is a reason why files for any kind of design meant to be showcased go through multiple checking procedures. You may have seen the designer joke on naming files “FINAL” multiple times. While this joke may not strike a chord with a regular person, a designer knows it all too well. 

When it comes to custom-printing t-shirts, making a typographical error is somewhat commonplace. These errors are what damages a project done by a business—and when any kind of mistake is made on the actual final product, it can kill a business! As dreary as that may seem, there are ways to avoid these damaging mistakes, which will be good to practice with whatever design you come up with.

To help you out, here are four tips to avoid making errors in designing custom t-shirts:


 1: Use a Grammar Checking Application

This is the best first line of defense against any typo-error. Whether a paper is being written or a t-shirt is being custom-designed, having a grammar checking tool run through the material that will be used can reveal some errors that need to be fixed. Do take note that some fictional words from popular culture and media may not register properly—so take note of the next point when dealing with these!


 2: Utilize Google for Fictional Words

As mentioned above, fictional words from movies or television may not register on a grammar checker’s algorithm. The grammar checker app will likely register it as a non-existent word, which can be confusing.

To counter this programming error, the best way to go is to find the way the word is spelled and how it is used through a Google search. Forums, Wiki pages, and even official websites will show you how to use the fictional term and its proper iterations properly. 

Nothing is going to be more damaging than an angry set of fans who bought their favorite pop-culture t-shirt only to find out it was spelled wrong! This would be a waste of amazing design and custom screen printing—so it pays to get it right the first time.


 3: Don’t Rely on Your Own Eyes

Our eyes always deceive us, especially when we think we’re doing an amazing job at something. It can be easy to miss out on important errors and typos in especially important designs.

The best way to counteract this is to have a fresh set of eyes take a look at the design. Whether it is someone from the office or a friend who can give you feedback on the design, this will greatly reduce the chances of making errors in the final drafts of the project. The more people are there to take a look at the piece, the better it will be in the end, as people always have wonderful ideas they can contribute!


4: Hire Professional Designers To Help

If you are taking on a project that isn’t of your specialty in terms of design flow and foundation or if the client is international-based, then it will be beneficial to hire a professional to help out.

Unfortunately, this is not done often—and the results show in poorly designed products. By hiring someone who has specialties in a certain area of design and has a decent grasp of the language at hand, more thoughtful and prominent designs can be done!



The best way to go about designing anything is to make them go through a round of multiple edits and have different people take a look at it. Not only will they be able to catch errors made in terms of spelling, but they may also have valuable additions to the entire design. The field of professional design has zero room for error—so be sure about final editing before turning a particular piece of work in!

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