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5 Considerations to Find the T-Shirts that Fits Perfectly

You likely have preferences in your clothing—whether it be sleek and straightforward or out-of-this-world crazy. However, there is this one ongoing problem that you and everyone else may be facing: choosing a shirt that actually fits. No, we are not simply talking about buying a shirt of the right size. When we say "fit," we are saying something that actually goes well with your body type and looks. This also plays a role in how comfortable the t-shirt is.

If this is a struggle you constantly face, you are in the right place! In this article, we will tell you exactly how to find the right t-shirt.


  1. Collar

T-shirts typically come with two types of collar: the crew and the V-neck. Which one you pick will generally be up to personal preference, but there are some factors to consider to choose the design that fits well. 

For individuals with longer necks, narrower faces, and a slight frame, crewnecks work well. It balances the proportions, and the design itself works well as a classic and timeless option. For those wanting to feel a little less formal, the V-neck is the way to go. It works really well for shorter people and those with a rounder face.


  1. Shape 

For the best fit, we highly recommend looking for t-shirts that fit and accentuate your body. Avoid ones that look like a square cut-out box with sleeves on them, as they will only hurt your appearance. Of course, do expect to pay a little extra cash for fitted designs, but it will be worth it when you see your body shape boosted by a comfortable and well-fitting t-shirt.


  1. Seams

With seams, you would want to make sure the shoulder seams align to where the shoulders end. If it ends too early, it can make the sleeve perk up. If it ends too late, it will make your shoulder look droopy. The perfect seams ensure not only the perfect fit but a comfortable one too.


  1. Length

A t-shirt should be at least long enough to cover your waistband. An ideal t-shirt, however, should extend below that just a little more. Any higher than that, and you risk showing your back, belly, and buttocks when you bend over. Too long, and it will look like you are wearing pajamas ready to hit the sack.


  1. Sleeves

The length of the sleeves should be dependent on how tall you are. This is because taller people will need sleeves that extend a little longer than halfway up the upper arm. Otherwise, it will look like they are wearing a shirt that is way too small. If you are an individual with a shorter stature, pick sleeves that end halfway up your upper arm. If you are taller, you can go for a little longer to make things look proportional.



It will take time for you to discover the right fit for your shirt. However, after learning all the above, you might have a better chance of picking the right fit for your t-shirt—one that maximizes your appearance and comfort!

That said, do not be afraid to drop a few more dollars on a shirt that fits over a shirt that does not. That fit goes a long way towards ensuring your comfort and boosting your self-image!

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