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5 Reasons Why Digital Screen Printing Is the Number One Choice

Custom screen printing is one of the best quality direct-to-garment printing methods that produce the highest quality images with a vibrant range of colors. With shirts being a staple in anyone’s wardrobe, having various pieces with popular culture icons or even personalized statements is a great way to keep the vibe going.

People say you can tell a lot about someone by the clothes they wear, and digital screen printing’s quality speaks for itself. Custom screen printing evolved from the silkscreen method used in the design and arts industries for over a century. With digital technology, this can now be conducted with ease and can produce sharp vivid images.


Why Digital Screen Printing Should Be Your Choice

This technology is a massive upgrade from the manual method, which means that its foundations and history of use are still preserved. Knowing that it is, indeed, an upgrade, this means plenty of additions and improvements have been made to create better designs. Here are five advantages that digital screen printing has over other methods of direct-to-garment printing:

 1: It Has Great Durability 

Custom screen printing has outstanding durability, which depends on the quality of the shirt or object and the graphic medium. Whether you are printing tote bags, shirts, bags, or other items, the finished products are known to last. Garments might need different washing methods to maintain the quality of the print, but most objects do not require a detailed level of care.

 2: There Are Portable Options

Machines range from different sizes, such as large printers for larger garments to small handheld ones. Whether you plan to start a small-scale business or a full-scale graphic printing enterprise, there are options for anyone who wishes to explore. Setting up is also easy, especially for events. People can prepare custom prints as part of their events package, which can be easily scaled and packed to provide a unique experience.

 3: There Are Plenty of Options for Design

There are a variety of printing options available to create a wide range of designs. If you need 3-dimensional prints to supplement the design elements, the technologies available allow you to fulfill your vision. Prints no longer use only traditional fabric paint and a scraping rubber to apply, as there are now metallic, glitter, and oil paint options available for use.

 4: Printing Procedures Are Fast

Traditional silkscreens were slower in mass-production due to the manual nature of use. With digital screen printing, this outpaces the already quick nature of silkscreens, heat transfer technologies, vinyl presses, and others in terms of printing quality. Technology has made mass-production of quality screen-printed shirts incredibly easy and smooth.

 5: It Is Cost-Efficient and Has No Minimum

Compared to other services for shirt design printing, screen printing is one of the most cost-efficient, especially when done in bulk. With a single template, various garments and items can be printed using it, and companies like Bauers Boutique offer services for custom screen printing with no minimums. Without a minimum amount of products to conduct a printing process, this makes it great to create merchandise and customized garments for smaller teams and for personal memorabilia.



Digital screen printing is one of the best ways to slap a design onto clothing or objects, as it is now more efficient and effective than ever before. Custom clothes are always a welcome addition to anyone’s wardrobe, and ultimately bring color and excitement into life.

Bauers Boutique offers premium custom screen printing with no minimums for apparel, bags, and other kinds of objects and accessories. With the best technologies in direct-to-garment printing, there is unmatched potential for graphic design in clothes. Contact us to know more about what designs we can print to match your tastes.