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5 Ways to Care for Your Custom Printed Shirt

If you’ve just bought a fantastic screen printed t-shirt, then congratulations! These shirts are some of the best quality, and the art that they show off is incredible. A custom screen printing shop can do wonders for garment design, which is why you will want the shirt you had made to last. Digital screen printing is all the rage now because of its incredible range of colors.

When it comes to direct to garment printing, certain areas are quite a blur for care instructions. Different prints have different requirements for washing, ironing, and other processes for cleaning clothes. Custom screen printing is already quite durable today thanks to digital technologies, but that doesn’t mean it needs less care. To ensure the longevity of your shirt done by a digital screen printing business, here are instructions for care:


Ironing the Shirt

Wrinkled t-shirts naturally do not look presentable. Of course, you will always want to look your best and have a wrinkle-free shirt. Some people are scared to iron digital screen printed shirts because of how nice they look. If you have ever wondered if you can iron these custom garments, then the answer is that yes, they can be!

By turning the shirt inside out, you can iron the shirt safely and save the prints from an iron’s excessive heat. You can also place it between two fabric pieces while ironing to prevent heat from prematurely damaging the graphics. Do not moisturize the print by spraying water on it while ironing, as moisture can damage garment fabric very fast. A dry and proper run-through will remove any wrinkles, so just be patient.


Dyeing the Shirt

The best part about digital direct to garment printing is that the prints made are not absorbent to dyes. If your shirt is losing some color or getting bored of the base garment’s look, dyeing your shirt will save the prints you have on it. Dyes are readily available in your local craft or hardware store, which means that you can make a new set of clothes without spending too much. Fiber reactive dye is recommended over all-purpose kinds, as the latter contains acids that can fade the custom print.


Machine Washing the Shirt

Using a low-heat setting on your washing machine is perfectly fine for custom screen printed garments. Higher temperatures will ruin the fabrics of the shirt along with all the prints that are on it. When tumble drying, remove the shirt a few moments before it fully dries and allow it to soak in the sun to prevent them from losing their quality.


Fabric Softener Is a No-Go

Fabric softener products often contain harsh chemicals that fade prints on clothes while being bad for the skin. By washing your custom screen printing products without too many chemicals, you will make them last longer.


Use Your Hands

Any clothing item will benefit from hand washing, and especially those that have prints on them. Using cold water and mild detergent, you can control how hard you scrub and clean, making your clothes’ longevity even longer. Sun-drying will be even healthier for the fabrics on them due to natural heat and wind.



When dealing with custom screen printing products like shirts, hoodies, or other items, the best approach is always to be cautious. Be sure to use light detergents, less heat, and even try to wash with your hands if possible. When you take care of your clothes, they naturally last longer.

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