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6 Washing and Drying Tips for Your Screen Printed Shirts - Our Guide

Screen printed shirts can make any design stand out.

Clothing with designs produced by custom screen printing allow you to make a fashion statement with unique graphics or images in all their vibrant and crisp-looking glory. Your clothes made from direct-to-garment printing (DTG), on the other hand, are perfect for promoting your business logo and producing professional-looking shirts without breaking the bank.

The designs on screen printed shirts are generally durable, especially when your clothes are processed by a reputable custom or digital screen printing shop. But over time, they can fade or crack from apparel mishandling and incorrect washing and drying.

Knowing how to take care of your screen printed shirts can make the print last long. Here is a guide to help you wash and dry your apparel properly:

 1: Avoid using bleach and strong detergents

Some chemicals can be harsh on clothes and cause fading on the print of your apparel. Make the design last for as long as possible by avoiding bleach and strong detergents when washing. In case you need to get rid of spots and stains, opt for light stain removers and mild detergent products.

 2: Use cold water

Some fabrics like hospital or hotel sheets and towels require hot water when washing for thorough cleaning and disinfection. Screen printed shirts, however, need only gentle washing. To prevent damage to the fabric and get your clothes totally clean, use cold water.

 3: Wash and iron the shirts inside-out

Protect the design of your screen printed shirts by turning them inside-out before washing and ironing them. This will help reduce the risk of fading and cracking and ensure that the print stays intact for a long time. In addition to this, avoid getting the design into contact with your washing machine as much as possible to prevent straining the ink.

 4: Avoid washing your shirts after each use

Washing and drying up your screen printed shirts speeds up their aging process and makes them more prone to damage. The best way to expand their lifespan is to avoid washing them after every use. Consider hanging them or placing them back in your closet if you have worn them only for a short time and keep them clean.

 5: Don’t put your shirts in a hot dryer

Exposing your screen printed shirts to hot temperatures is a bad idea. Just like washing sensitive garments in hot water, setting your dryer to the highest level can damage the fabric. The most ideal way to dry them is to hang them on a clothesline or anywhere else where they can dry naturally.

 6: Wash similarly colored and textured shirts together

When choosing which screen printed shirts to wash together, consider the fabric and color of the apparels. Wash similarly colored and textured clothes together to prevent discoloration and avoid creating cracks from fabrics rubbing against each other.



Proper washing, drying, and handling of screen printed shirts keep the design flawless and lets you enjoy wearing them for many years to come. You can also ensure the durability of the print by choosing quality shirts to print your preferred image or graphic on and working with a reliable screen printing shop like us.

Meanwhile, if you want to customize your screen printed shirt in Spencerport, NY, turn to us for custom screen printing. No minimums and quick turnaround times. Contact us today for a quote!