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Creating Custom T-Shirts - What You Need to Know

T-shirts have been around for several decades as one of the most basic yet comfortable garments a person can wear. Custom screen printing has revolutionized t-shirts by transforming them into a unique form of personal style and expression, as people can print statements, images, and other designs that most reflect their beliefs and taste.

If you’ve always wanted to create your own t-shirts through custom screen printing, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. You’ll need to make sure you come up with a design that people will love and wear. You’ll also have to figure out where you can have the design printed. Here’s what you need to know:


How to Design Your Own Custom T-Shirt

The design process is the most important part of making a custom t-shirt. If it isn’t visually arresting, no one will wear the shirt, so it’s vital to put all your efforts into creating a stunning t-shirt design.

First, dive deep into your concept. Consider multiple ideas, sketch them out, and determine if it’s an idea that will strike a chord with many people. Think about the kind of people you want your t-shirt to appeal to and figure out what they like to wear. You may want to ask for feedback from your friends and family, as their insights can benefit the design process. Then, once you have a rough sketch, imagine it on a t-shirt by creating a mock-up. The design may look amazing as a poster, but it might not look good on a shirt, mainly when the design gets distorted by people’s different shapes and sizes.

Feel free to add more detail to your design to make it stand out, as tiny elements here and there can instantly uplift a t-shirt. However, it’s crucial to find the right balance, as too many details can be overwhelming. The simpler, the better. You’ll also want to consider the colors you want to use for your design and ensure that they complement each other. If you have text in the design, ensure that it’s easy to read. Then, formally prepare the artwork, and you’re good to go!


Finding the Right Custom Screen Printing Company

After coming up with an eye-catching design for your custom t-shirt, you’ll need to find the right printing provider to make your vision a reality. It may be tempting to go for the cheapest service provider, but it’s essential to look into the company’s reputability. Exceptionally low, too-good-to-be-true prices often result in less than stellar work. 

Credible custom screen printing companies offer free quotes that outline everything involved in the printing process. They tell you how much they’ll charge upfront, which means you won’t have to worry about hidden costs with them. They also offer a reasonable turnaround time and provide you with a wide range of t-shirts, allowing you to select the one with the most compatibility with your design. Additionally, they have plenty of satisfied customers and 5-star reviews as a testament to their excellent service.



Designing your own t-shirt is a thrilling process that encourages you to flex your creative muscles and breathe life into your sketches. By following our guide, you’ll hold your uniquely-made t-shirt in your hands before you know it!

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