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Key Tips for Improving the T-Shirt Designs You Create

One of the most popular outlets that creatives have is found in T-shirt design. Are you a graphic designer, illustrator, or typographer? Then you have no doubt felt the appeal that comes with having your designs go on T-shirts. And, yes, this includes the possibility of being able to sell the designs on the internet, too!

Understandably, the actual process can be quite formidable. Here are some key tips for improving the T-shirt designs you create, and even going into the digital screen printing of your very T-shirts. 

  • Find the balance between details and simplicity

People absolutely love masterful drawing skills and attention being paid to detail. There is a lot of delight to be had from the sight of a masterpiece executed well on a T-shirt. You can pore over it for hours on end.

However, it's worth noting that many classic T-shirt designs are actually quite simple. They manage to convey their intended message in the most simple way. If you get stuck somewhere in the middle of that, there is a good chance you'll have a hard time producing a successful design.

  • Take your time when it comes to exploring your concept

There it is, your big idea. You're pretty happy about it as it is. However, instead of running straight to the printer, sit on it. Come up with a rough draft as a sketch on paper, or on your illustrator app/program of choice. Stand up and stretch your limbs, maybe go for a walk, or do a quick workout or something.

Create some alternative takes on it. Order some pizza or make sandwiches. Go get some coffee, even. Then go ahead and take time to brainstorm. You can most likely benefit from sleeping on it, then starting over the next day. While you're there, be sure to look into other options during your creative process.

  • Think about your target audience 

This is quite a crucial factor in your design process. Think about who your ideal customer would be. If need be, dream up exactly who the person you'd want to wear your shirt proudly to be. After all, the idea is to have designs that would be wearable for people. It's one of the best ways to go about your shirt before going for custom screen printing.

  • Visualize how the design will look on a T-shirt

There is a rather marked difference between designs on a screen and something that's already on the shirt. It would be extremely beneficial to do a full mock-up of the design, using the photo of a model. If you need a more literal visualization, go ahead and print it out, then put it against an actual T-shirt. You need to be able to see your artwork at the actual size it will be.



There are a number of ways to go about improving T-shirt designs that you create. Multiple subculture phenomenons have had tees come out of them, so there's a very wide market. It ranges from making sure you know your target audience and picking the right colors to sourcing a reliable printer of high quality.  

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