Stop in to see our NEW expanded showroom in our Gates location today!!

Our Bauers Boutique family is GROWING!!

Happy Labor Day!! I have some exciting news to share! 🚨 I would love to introduce BBs official marketing team to our BB community!! ☀️
You may recognize some of these fabulous names and faces!! 😍😍
  • Elizabeth Copella - Graphic Design & Website Manager
  • Holly Fraser - Marketing & Brand Manager
  • Sara Cerame - Brand Ambassador & Community Engagement Manager
They have already been rocking out events, meeting customers & vendors, hangin’ at the boutiques, posting in the groups and sharing BB’ so stay tuned as you will start to see a lot more from them! 🥰 And if you were already thinking man, why does this person keep posting?? 🤯 Well, now you know, they aren’t just some crazy person taking over our page! 🤣 They’re a part of BB! 🙌
Welcome to our BB fam ladies!!!💜🦋