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Screen Printing on 50-50 Blends - Is It Possible

Putting designs on t-shirts using screen printing was always done on 100 percent cotton materials. However, thanks to the quick advancements in technology, it is now possible to print on cotton blends, such as 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester. Many screen printers are starting to push the envelope on screen printing and bring it to new horizons, exploring what else can be achieved with the classic technique.

With these innovations, designers can produce t-shirts with more reliable colors that remain throughout several washes. Still, some people doubt the screen printing quality on blends and prefer sticking to the traditional method. Here’s what you need to know about screen printing on 50/50 blends:


Innovating Beyond Traditional Screen Printing

Screen printing on 100 percent cotton materials has persisted for so long because of the dyes’ ability to adhere to the material without bleeding. Due to the materials, a 50/50 fabric blend tends to bleed, requiring an adjusted process. It involves heating the fabric, causing the dye to turn into a gas, making the fabric dye combine with the ink. Unfortunately, bleeding can occur during the drying stage of screen printing, making it a real challenge to successfully screenprint these blends.

Fortunately, it is now possible to monitor the ink’s temperature more accurately, thanks to more sophisticated technologies. Moderated temperature is necessary to avoid messy results. It also requires a different dye than those used to screenprint on purely cotton fabrics, as they must be highly resistant to bleeding. Now that more people are interested in screen printing 50/50 blends, most screen printing companies have invested in these dyes, giving consumers a wider range of choices in their fabrics.


Successfully Screen Printing On 50/50 Blends

Custom screen printing on 50/50 blends requires considerable expertise to certify that the final product will look presentable. It’s crucial to pay attention to the fabric’s temperature, which can contribute to bleeding when it isn’t moderated properly. The ink must be heated to at least 320 degrees Fahrenheit, although the fabric must stay below 360 degrees; otherwise, bleeding will occur. The ink film must be as thin as possible since it’s more challenging to control the ink’s temperature when it’s considerably thick.

High screen tension is also an essential factor when aiming for high-quality screen prints on 50/50 blends. It produces low off-contact, or the gap between the screen and the fabric, which is required to end up with a satisfying image on 50/50 blends. Another benefit of this is that it allows screen printers to print with less ink.

The last step in creating a gorgeous screenprint on a 50/50 fabric ensuring the curing process is done correctly, which guarantees that the ink adheres to the material properly. The best way to do this is to wash the fabric and determine how well the print stuck to the fabric. While this is more expensive and time-consuming than other options, it ultimately produces the most reliable results.


Some Considerations to Make When Screen Printing on 50/50 Blends 

While it is possible to achieve beautiful results when screen printing on blends, it’s crucial to note that some colors are easier to produce than others. It is difficult to work with colors like kelly green, turquoise, royal blue, and purple, which usually do not appear true to the shade on 50/50 blends. Jewel tones work best on 100 percent cotton fabric; everything else works well on blended fabrics.



The world of screen printing has introduced millions of consumers to creative ways to design a t-shirt. More techniques make it possible to screenprint successfully on various fabrics, including 50/50 blends. Now that you know the basics of screen printing on blends, you can take even more advantage of custom screen printing to print your favorite designs on t-shirts.

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