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Styling a Graphic T-shirt - Riding this Fashionable Trend

One of the most underrated assets in a wardrobe is a graphic t-shirt. Many people think that graphic shirts can only be worn by fashion niches and won't work well with other people who have a specific style. However, this is false, and there are a bunch of ways you can style this wardrobe staple, making you ride the timeless trend.

Styling a graphic t-shirt relies heavily on the design. This means you need to know what material the shirt uses, the type of print it has, its structure, and its colors. When you have these factors in mind, pulling up other clothing items from your closet and putting it together will be much easier.

Why Are Graphic T-Shirts So Popular in Businesses?

Those who aren't new to the graphic t-shirt game have dug deeper into the trend and design their own pieces. The great thing about graphic t-shirts is that you can have a design of your own and have a digital screen printing company do all the work to produce an eye-catching and fabulous tee.

If you want to give your style an upgrade, consider incorporating graphic t-shirts into your wardrobe. Here are some graphic tee styling tips that will surely take your style to another level. Let's take a look!

Styling Different Types of Graphic T-Shirts

1. Logo T-Shirt

The 90s fashion trend is still pretty vibrant even when we're in the late 2000s. And one of the most omnipresent graphic trends that are still powerful is logo t-shirts.

Most streetwear and high-fashion brands love to place their logo and mark their shirts with their names, which obviously excludes dominance in the fashion scene.

Since the brand's logo does all the talking here, consider playing it down and classy and pairing your logo t-shirt with tailored pants and a neat blazer. Finally, tone it down with a pair of killer sneakers, and you're good to go — you just upgraded your smart-casual look!

2. Band T-Shirt

One of the most popular types of graphic t-shirts is band t-shirts — no wonder it's a mainstay in wardrobes since the 70s. Because it's such a classic, newer artists make it a point to include band shirts as their merchandise, seeing that it's a timeless piece for fans and other music enthusiasts.

Embrace the band shirt aesthetic by going all monochrome throughout your outfit. Pair your grungy, black band shirt with a pair of black denim, tuck your shirt in, and embellish the look with a black leather belt. Go all out with your shoes as well! Put on some black leather boots, and you just nailed the vintage band t-shirt look.

Fortunately, you can have your own band shirt printed by a digital printing company. This way, you can ensure that your band shirt is unique and that there's nothing like it in the market.

3. All-Over Print

Another type of graphic tee that you should consider is all-over graphic t-shirts. Sure, the little illustrations and colors can be overwhelming at first, but how you style it can indeed transform the way it translates with your style.

Consider putting an Oxford shirt or denim jacket on top of your graphic tee. Put on some well-tailored, tapered trousers and finish it off with clean sneakers or a pair of leather shoes. This is the perfect look if you want to look clean and crisp but want to add a bit of color and flair into the mix.

The Bottom Line: Graphic T-Shirts Are Here to Stay, so Make Sure to Style Them Well

Seeing that graphic t-shirts will continue to evolve and will be a mainstay in every wardrobe, you should know how to style these timeless beauties. And when you finally get the groove into styling your shirts, consider making your own and have your design printed by digital screen printing companies and rock a unique and never-before-seen graphic tee!

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