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Wearing Self-Expression - A Few Pieces to Get Started

Thanks to the widespread shift away from cookie-cutter uniforms and archaic expectations, the value of becoming true to oneself is becoming clearer. From choices in music and hairstyles to career vocations and lifestyles, the concept of self-expression has manifested in all sorts of different ways to the point where it’s impossible not to start being authentic—even in the smallest of ways.

Whether it’s over the kind of drink that you have in the bar, the music you play on your phone, or the revival of your inner artist, the way you can go about self-expression has endless possibilities. As you continue to inch closer to being the best and most truthful version of yourself, however, you’ll end up dabbling into other ways to be even more authentic.

And it just so happens that one of the most fun ways to express yourself that you probably haven’t done yet is using funny apparel from Bauer’s Boutique!


A few pieces that can do the expressing for you

Apart from opening your mouth, another effective way to express who you truly are is through the kind of clothes that you wear. While a regular jacket or the shoes you wear all the time go a long way in helping you become the most authentic version of yourself possible, nothing says “THIS IS ME!” better than a funny set of statement pieces.

To give you a better idea of how you can best express yourself through the clothes you wear, here are some options that you can stock up on:


Bauers Boutique - I am not for everyone tshirt design

As the old adage goes, “life is too short to please everyone”—and what better way to stay true to this quote than to wear the exact statement on your chest? 

It’s important to understand that you shouldn’t keep trying to please everyone around you because it just doesn’t align with what is expected of authenticity. Thankfully, wearing a warning of self-expression by having the quote “I’m Not For Everyone” on a shirt or hoodie is the perfect way to make yourself perfectly clear!


Bauers Boutique: caution, i have no filter tshirt design

If you’re someone that’s finally being true to yourself, you obviously don’t want to hold back on speaking your mind or simply being you—which is why this piece is perfect.

By wearing a piece that warns people that you have no filter, you essentially assure anyone and everyone you interact with that you’re not going to hold back on expressing yourself as best as possible. With the help of a Caution: I Have No Filter piece, you can spend more time with people who actually like you for you and not waste time on unnecessary interactions!



Among the different ways that you can practice your right to self-expression, none are as creative, fun, quirky, or unique as wearing awesome statement pieces. By simply tweaking your wardrobe to accommodate these amazing personality-filled shirts and hoodies, you’ll be able to feel a whole lot more comfortable with being you!

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