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Collection: PANDAS Awareness #CamsCrew

As many of you may know, our beloved Nicole Bauers (the amazing woman who makes so many dreams come true and is a huge part of the community) has been struggling to help her youngest son, Cam get the education and special education services he needs. Cam was diagnosed with PANDAS and PAWS and when Nicole and her family moved from Spencerport to Shortsville, the school district failed Cam at every turn. Not only did they not continue or follow his IEP/504 plan, they refuse to help him and since the start of the 2022 school year, he has been sent home 27 out of 30 days! For those that have had the incredible pleasure of meeting Cam in person, he is one of the kindest, sweetest boys you could ever meet. I (Elizabeth) had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with him last week and not only did he volunteer to help me with a project, he was upbeat, jumped into action and could carry on a conversation with you for hours. He didn't once complain and was such a fun person to talk to! 

But we need your help... Nicole has had to hire an educational attorney to try to get justice for Cam and allow him the education and rights he is entitled to. This is getting quite costly as the school continues to fight them at every turn. Everyone at Bauers and beyond wants to show their support, not only for Cam, but financially to help offset some of the growing costs of the attorney and possibly school tuition so Cam isn't left behind in an educational nightmare, so we created this design and each purchase will go directly to the Bauers family and their fight for justice #CamsCrew!

*Nicole isn't one to ask for help, but we know how much they could use our support, so we insisted and did get her permission to host this fundraiser!

You can choose free local pick up from either the Canandaigua or Gates Boutique or our production center (2580 County Rd 28 as of 11/1) or choose flat rate shipping. Feel free to stop in to check out styles, sizes, etc. 

Our turnaround time is 1-2 weeks.       

*Please note: Ladies T is a tapered fit! 

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